$55,000 backpack! Really?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

So, the Olsen twins of The Row collaborated with the British artist Damien Hirst and came up with a whooping $55,000 backpack! Yes a backpack! I am actually not aware of The Row until now. Pardon  my ignorance but as much as I love fashion, I honestly didn't realized that the The Row existed. Duh?! See, this is the reason why I can never be a fashion blogger. And  sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley for not recognising your fashion label! 

I have seen Damien Hirst's exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London and I must admit that it was impressive. I particularly liked For the Love of God and the butterfly room. And yes, there was also a room full of pharmacy boxes and a room full of colourful capsules and tablets. Obviously, the inspiration of their collaboration came from the latter.

It is reported that there are only 12 of these backpacks, so if you have a cash to spare, better get it now before it's sold out. While me, I thank God I don't use backpacks. Or shall I better say, I don't have the cash?

Photo from fashion.telegraph.co.uk

tintin x

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