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Cinque Terre: The Hike to Monterosso

Corniglia to Vernazza I was honestly dreading the thought of hiking, but it turned out to be one of the best things that I have done so far. Well, I need to make a confession before I go any further. I only didn't want to hike because I refused to wear hiking boots. Completely irrational, but I am just not used to wearing one. In the end, I settled with my running shoes. I probably would have done it with my flipflops, but with difficulty and not only that, my poor flipflops would have been murdered even before we reached our final destination. So they  were right, I should always choose comfort over fashion. Sometimes. We left Corniglia as early as 630am to avoid hiking in the middle of the day. The hike itself was not that bad, I can say moderate despite some uneven and unpaved terrains.It took us more or less an hour and a half to get to Vernazza. We could have done it a little bit quicker, but we stopped a few times along the way to take photos and enjoy the amazing vi

Cinque Terre: Corniglia and Riomaggiore (and a bit of Bologna)

Okay, these are the times when I wish I was a good writer, just like those that I really admire- Leng ,  Marky   and   Lois . I always feel guilty whenever I write about my travels because I feel like I am not giving  any justice to the beautiful places that I have been. But anyway..... So, let's talk about Cinque Terre. I have never heard of this place until about a month or so ago when we cancelled our trip to Pamplona for the running of the bulls. So the alternative plan was to go somewhere else and do something less dangerous, but perhaps as adventurous as running of the bulls. We already had Cinque Terre in mind as a fellow traveler mentioned the place to us when we were in Santorini. And oh speaking of Santorini, nothing beats this place on my paradise list, but I must say that Cinque Terre is up there.  ******** We landed in Pisa on Sunday morning and took the train to Bologna. Yes, we stayed a night in Bologna just to warm up for Cinque Terre and we were not disap

Help SAVE Jacob's Life

I was going to blog about my recent birthday trip to Italy, but I realized that there is something more important to blog about tonight.  This is baby Jacob and he suffers from Biliary Atresia, a congenital disease of the liver which requires liver transplant. I don't personally know Jacob nor his parents. But I was a mother too (and still am to my nephew and my niece), so I know how hard it must be for Jacob's mother to face this very difficult situation. All I am asking is for you dear friends to please help "Save Jacob's Life". His family will appreciate any help that you can give them. A message from Jacob's parents Jacob Earl Feria Figueroa is son of Jeffrey Figueroa & Ernalyn Feria. A resident of Brgy. East Feria, San Felipe, Zambales, Phil. He has BILIARY ATRESIA, a congenital liver disease wherein his bile duct between the liver and small intestine is absent. At this point, the only treatment i