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My winter obsession: UNIQLO heattech

I don't know why I have never heard of UNIQLO heattech before. I know there is a store called UNIQLO, but believe me, I have never ever gone inside the store even just for curiosity's sake. But thanks to my friend Leng  for introducing me to it. Now I can guarantee that my winter days are going to be warmer and this is all down to a cheap, but fashionable thermal clothing.  For the longest time, I have been layering up at least four clothings to keep myself warm in the winter.  I have been buying warmers that really didn't keep me warm (yes, it's true). Until of course I heard about this heattech thing. So about three weeks ago was my first ever visit to a UNIQLO store and I chose the one in Oxford street, just because it is quieter over there and honestly, that's the only Uniqlo store I know. As soon as I got in, I blamed myself for not even giving the store a chance. How could I possibly have missed all those beautiful clothings? I fell in love with the store

16k From Paris to Versailles

It looks like I have finally taken running seriously, because after my Br istol 10k run , I decided to go an extra mile and joined the 16k race from Paris to Versailles in September. But honestly, I won't be probably doing this crazy thing if not for my son who never fails to inspire me. I am doing all this because I want him to be proud of me even if he now lives in heaven. I know he's up there watching over me. It also just happened that a baby named Jacob from our town is in dire need of help. So I took this opportunity to raise funds for Jacob. We managed to raise 100 pounds for him. So, on the day of the run we had to get up early to make it to the assembly area which was just at the foot of the Eiffel tower. But since we didn't have our bib yet, we had to go and get them first before we could do anything else. I was so nervous because we were meant to pick up those bibs the day before and I was not sure if we were able to collect them on the same day. I had

To Paris by Bus

Two weekends ago was my first time to travel from London to Paris by bus. It has always been an option, but for some reason we just didn't see the reason why we should travel that long when we can be in Paris in less than two hours via Easyjet. But because we were working on that Friday, we won't have much time to prepare and then travel to Heathrow airport for another hour or so. And so we decided to take the bus from Victoria Coach Station at 2130. The bus is bigger than the usual coach that I take whenever I go to Bristol or anywhere in England. It is a double decker bus, but all passengers stay on the upper deck. I actually didn't realize that until I asked Don, and he told me that the lower deck was all for the luggage and the toilet. The space between the seats are a bit wider than the normal, but not that much. We were lucky to get the front seat as it is the most spacious of all. And that also meant that I was able to put my feet up. This is what Don and I always

I Left My Heart In New York City!

My trip to New York last month was my fourth, but it was only then I realized that I can and will live in the City That Never Sleeps. This is probably because this time, I allowed myself to experience New York in a different perspective. For once, I wasn't just a tourist. And this is the reason why I now love New York. Yes, it only took me four trips to realize that. And here's what I did in the city: Morning runs and then meeting Jeff, the guy who gave me a free bottled water because we didn't have a change. Hanging out in the West Village Gaining a new friend, then getting drunk in the middle of the day. Tortilla Flats 767 Washington Street New York, New York 10014 Spending more time with old friends: With one of my high school bestfriends , Alena. Jollibee 62-29 Roosevelt Avenue Queens, New York 11377 Our friend from California (Rose Ann) also joined us for lunch at Maharlika NYC. I finally had my favourite sizzling