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Restaurants in London: My Experiences in 2021

One of the many things that I missed during lockdown was eating at a restaurant with J and my friends. Throughout the whole pandemic in 2020, J and I often had take-aways from our favourite restaurants to support them in what was probably one of the most difficult times in their business history.  So, when the lockdown was fully lifted in March last year, I couldn't wait to finally eat and catch up with my friends whom I didn't see for over a year. It was also last year that Jollibee opened a branch in Leicester Square. I guess it is important to share this here because having lived conveniently close to the fast food restaurant, I used to go there frequently, perhaps every month for the first four months when it opened. And when I got fed up of paying over £20 for slow and bad service, anaemic and tasteless spaghetti and just okay chickenjoy, I decided to spend my money elsewhere. Hence, a collection of London restaurant experiences that I am happy I am able to share with you