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Spring in Belem, Portugal

If any of you are looking for a place to visit this spring, Belem in Portugal is also another perfect destination. It is only a few minutes tram ride from Lisbon. What we did was actually just a day trip, as our main destination on this trip was Lisbon. To get to Belem from Lisbon, you must take Tram Number 15 by the Rossio Station which is just around the Praca da Figueira. Padrao dos Descobrimentos ( Monument to the Discoveries)- about 20 minutes walk from the Tram stop. T he Belem Tower- few metres away from The Monument to the Discoveries Entrance fee: 4 euros in 2010, maybe more now Opening times are : 10AM-5PM (Oct.-April), 10AM-6:30PM (May-Sept.), Closed Mondays Mosteiro dos Jeronimos - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and inside lies the tomb of Vasco de Gama. Lunch at Antiga Capsula for authentic grilled sardines and octopus. When in Belem, you should not miss out on the best Pastel de Nata from Pasteis de Belem. Rua de Belem,

Summer in Pundaquit, Zambales

Around the same time last year, I was back home and enjoying the warm weather. I am not really into beaches because one, I can't swim for my life. Second, I hate being under the intense heat of the sun. But because the kids in the house love swimming, I didn't have that much choice. So we all went for an overnight at Megan's Resort in Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. One of my best holidays to date. I know there are a lot of beautiful resorts in Pundaquit but I prefer Megan's because of its friendly atmosphere. The people managing the resort are very accommodating and helpful. The cabins and the food are not over-priced- for me anyway. The rooms are very clean and the beds are comfortable. Most of all, you feel safe because there's always someone looking after you, especially the children. Life jackets are always available. So the next time you're looking for a summer-get-away, try Megan's Resort. You'll never regret it. We slept here. It w

My New Lunch Box

Talk about green. Remember my water bottle   ? Well, I have finally found a beautiful lunch box that goes  with it perfectly. Honestly, I am getting tired of using tupperwares and those plastic containers you get when you order a chinese take away. Not only that they often times leak or spill, but they are most of the time difficult to wash especially if the food that was in it was greasy. Or maybe I was just buying the wrong containers for my lunch? Anyway, I am really glad that I have this now: BOX APPETIT from Black and Blum London Inside the box are two removable containers. The cover is some kind of glass, but apparently not a glass-glass. The green rubber around the lid is removable so it makes it easier to clean. The small round thing is a sauce dipping area. According to Black and Blum , this lunch box is "More like a ceramic bowl." This  is definitely a spill-proof and leak-proof lunch box. It is microwavable for just 2 minutes. And with t