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7 Years: Remembering The Child Who Inspired Me To Be A Better Person

Seven years have gone by really quickly. It's been that long since I lost my beloved Keith . Whilst I have been better emotionally in the past three years, last night I couldn't hold back my tears. Partly because I was watching a documentary on the Holocaust (and then watched "The Boy in Striped Pyjamas" after). It was truly heartbreaking.  The pain of losing someone you love is indescribable. More so if they were a child. Your life goes on after losing them, but somewhere deep in your heart, you know your life will never be the same again. There will always be that hole, that empty space that you know will forever be unfilled. This is exactly where I am since I lost Keith. But despite this painful reality, I continue to do things to remember him- to try and fill in the void, even temporarily because this is how I find comfort. Doing things for Keith certainly helped me moved on from his passing.  And so, as per tradition, I started my day by lighting up a

My First Year As A Ward Manager

Exactly a year ago today, I walked in to my new work place in my black jumpsuit and 2.5-inch stiletto- excited that finally, after so many years, I no longer have to wear uniforms. Most importantly, I finally found an excuse to wear nice clothes and some heels. Earlier that day , I had my corporate induction and then I was shown around the hospital. Then, to my office. Yes, my office. It was kind of hard to believe that I had an office all to myself. It used to be a toilet I was told. Did I really care? No, because I would rather be in a toilet office alone, rather than share with people whose moods are as fickle as the British weather. I was so excited, I immediately dropped my handbag on top of the drawer and sat on my chair. I wanted to absorb the possibility that this job could ultimately fill in the missing piece in my career. I closed my eyes briefly and then I heard a commotion by the door. It was the ward sister. I stood up to introduce myself- but before I could even extend m

2018, Thank You For The Roller Coaster Ride!

If I have not said it before, New Year is my favourite time of the year as it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the life that was and to look forward to the life that will be.  2018 was indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions, but I remain grateful because those emotions provided me with valuable lessons to be learned. I guess it is fair to say that 2018, you gave me false hopes at the beginning, but then you gave me the light in the end.  So, how did my 2018 go? Well, I documented my journey in my instagram account, so here are a few of my musings that best describe the year that was: 1. Because we have each other, it's good vibes only. - J and I had some minor health scare at the beginning of 2018. As minor as it was, it gave us emotional instability and some degree of physical challenge. I came to a point when I felt like I couldn't do anymore, however, I was reminded that J and I were in this together. The support that we had for each other during this chal