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Our Exhilarating One-Week Drive From San Francisco To LA To The Sierras

Our driving adventures started back in 2016 when most weekends, we drove outside Wellington, our then home city in New Zealand .  We  (most especially J) became more interested in long distance driving when we did an unforgettable drive in the South Island . Since then, we made plans to take a driving trip every year, and so far, we have adhered to that plan- from Cornwall in 2017, Puglia in 2018 and this year, from San Francisco to Los Angeles to the Western area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In fact, this year's driving trip was unintentional. We've had this part of California on our driving list, however, we were planning to do this "one day". But thanks to Alex Honnold for inspiring us to push this trip sooner than we planned. Our "one day" became this year after watching his epic documentary "Free Solo".  Planning commenced at least one month before our trip. We decided to fly to San Francisco so we can take the Pacific Coast Highwa