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London Winter Run for Cancer Research UK

I must confess that I didn't prepare for this race. I mean although I was running in the Philippines almost everyday while I was there, I  didn't do any training since I got back to London.  This is probably the reason why I struggled so much during the race. Of course I was excited at first because this was my first official winter race and once again, I was running with one of my best buddies Katie. This was our third race together.  We arrived at the race venue quite early so we had plenty of time to chill out. I was glad that the race was at the Embankment in Central London as I quite like running in that part of London.  It has become our sort of tradition to do selfies before our race. Although Katie is not always keen on taking so many photos, she often doesn't have a choice because she is with a camwhore (that is me). And so this time, she was forced to have photos with me once more. We never get tired of being tourists in our own city. We just