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My Month-Long Celebration For My 46th Birthday

Over a month later, I am writing about how I celebrated my 46th birthday because after all, it was my first month- long birthday celebration since 2019. I managed to keep some traditions this year, however I was not able to celebrate with my friend Pearl and didn't dine alone because life took over. Regardless though, I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday month and started my journey to 47 (and many years to come) with a hopeful heart and a positive mindset.  My birthday month celebration kicked off with a much needed date with Ethan. I have not seen this boy since last year and it was very nice to spend some time with him, although it was palpable that sooner or later, he will no longer go on a date with me and his Mum. He is growing very fast and will be a teenager soon that's why I am making the most out of it whilst he still can put up with his Tita Cristine. And what was a better place to have our date than his favourite Shake Shack? A few days before my birthday, my Ate Nonia