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No Other Woman

Watching the movie No Other Woman last friday lead to a very random dream about an ex-boyfriend and his wife. Honestly I don't even think about these people, so why on earth would I dream about them? In the dream, I was flirting with the ex-boyfriend in front of the wife. Parang Anne Curtis lang. Naging kontrabida tuloy ako.  Anyway, let's talk about the movie. First of all, I wouldn't have watched the movie if it were not for Carmi Martin's punch lines. I must say that Star Cinema made the right choice in including that scene in the trailer as it drew curiosity among people like me, who wouldn't necessarily watch Filipino films (anymore) but has a passion for funny and palaban punch lines. I couldn't think of anyone else who could have delivered those lines better than Miss Carmi Martin, so well done. With regards to the main characters, Anne Curtis is actually the best among the three. She was perfect for her role and her acting was very natural. I think

London's Best Kept (Breakfast) Secret!

If I happen to be in London especially on a weekend, I normally have my favourite longsiloglog (because I always have two eggs) at a Pinoy restaurant in Earl's Court. Either that, or I get my usual double sausage and egg Mc Muffin and pancakes at where else, of course Mc Donald's.  But when my friend Mila took me to the  The Breakfast Club  in Angel  last week, I think I may have found a new breakfast hang-out. So on Monday, I went there again, this time at their Soho branch. We got there just after 8am, so the place was very quiet. We were greeted by a guy who looked like he just got out of bed and couldn't be bothered to go to work. He could be forgiven because it was early Monday morning. It's just a shame though because the place although rather small, had a very welcoming ambiance. So the experience would have been better if the staff was more accommodating. Anyhow, I would probably still go back for the food and the place, but not necessarily the staff. T

The Hills Are Alive At Villa Trapp in Salzburg

Sometime in December 2009, I was woken up at 1 o'clock in the morning with the news that we would be staying at the real The Sound of Music family home on our trip to Salzburg. That was the best news I've heard at that time in the morning. I have watched the film a few times and I absolutely loved it. In fact, we were watching it again last night that's why I was reminded of our wonderful trip and thought I'd share my experience with you.   The Villa Trapp is not the house that is featured in the movie, so don't expect anything too fancy like the lake terrace or the beautiful stairs. The real house is actually located in a quiet town of Aigen, few minutes away from Salzburg Old Town. Because we were coming from Munich, we took the train to get to the villa. The train station is actually the same train station that the Von Trapp family used to escape from the Nazis. It is just about 5 minute walk to the villa. Then we took a 10 minute bus ride to the centre. The