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Casa San Miguel (Revisited)

Since Keith   passed away I promised myself to support his art and music school in any way I can. Of course I would one day want to support them more than just visiting everytime I go home. But for now I guess it is enough that I find time to go there and remind myself that I don't need to go far to see culture and talent. It took quite a bit of courage for me to go back because until now I still feel jealous everytime I see or hear a kid playing the violin. I can not help but think of Keith and how good he would have been if only he stayed a bit longer. I know I should not feel this way anymore, but I guess if you are a mother you will never stop dreaming for your children whether or not they are still with you physically. The sound of the violin when we got there gave me an ambivalent feeling. I felt comforted at the same time there was still a feeling of regret. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching a boy and a girl making very good music together. Although I have been t