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Lutong Pinoy in Earl's Court

Once in a while, I crave for delicious Filipino foods. In the last two months though, I have been going (quite often) to this Filipino restaurant in Earl's Court called Lutong Pinoy. I have brought most of my friends at the restaurant and so far all of them liked the food, the place and the people. In London, it's not easy to find a restaurant where it feels like home. Somehow this place has given me comfort, as much as the food. So really, what else can I ask for? If you don't know me well, you will probably be disgusted to know that I am a fan of unhealthy foods. Yes, it is true. When I eat pork, it always have to have the fat with it, otherwise it will not be the same and I will be moaning. As with chicken, the skin must be left on for me to enjoy it. So, what sort of Filipino foods do I eat nowadays? Well, what's the better way to start my comfort food indulgence than with a bowl of "chicharong bulaklak" ? This I tell you is my ultimate favo

Black + Yellow and that Brick Wall

One weekend, my friend and I were looking for somewhere to take photos for her portfolio. And then we found this wall at the Tate, and there you go I became the subject. To be honest, I have never worn so much black until I came to England. Back home, black kind of gave me a different meaning. As some of the elders would say, "para kang nagluluksa" .  So when I came here, I started wearing black and yeah, I felt really comfortable. I just needed to convince myself that whatever the elders were saying was plain superstitious belief. And of course it was. So now, here is my all black outfit. How I wish I was carrying a Celine luggage bag, but at the moment I have other priorities. So I am settling with a Celine look-alike handbag that my cousin bought me from Bagfull in Manila.  Enough fashion for now. tintin x