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The People I've Met in Wellington So Far

After ten weeks of "making an island of myself" and enjoying solitude like a well-deserved holiday, I finally gave in to face to face socialization. What was a matter of choice suddenly became a necessity, as socialising is apparently healthy for me and my relationship with J no matter how happy I am in my own company- an advice I received from someone I barely know. So my plan of becoming "Billy No Mates" for longer was cut short as the universe once again has made its own way for me to meet other people and potentially make new friends.  On Monday, a lady from my gym class approached me and said, "we should go for coffee". As she has been inviting me over to her house for a cup of tea in the last six weeks, I couldn't say no to this one as I really didn't have any excuse not to go. And so we went to a nearby cafe in our sweaty gym clothes. I like J because she says what she thinks and she is quite funny. We talked about my life before

A Green Day at Zealandia, Wellington

When J told me that we were going to Zealandia , I was out of my mind. I thought we were going to some kind of a garden and I was going to take that opportunity to dress up  because I have not dressed up in a while and I miss it. So  I put on  my favourite orange skirt, a black top and my summer sandals and went out of the room with my handbag.  When J saw me, he politely suggested that maybe I would be more comfortable if I wore my trainers and use another bag because we would be hiking. I looked at him in disappointment but I couldn't argue because he did all the research and although I was reluctant to change, I knew he was right. So I went back in the room and changed into a more comfortable and more Zealandia-appropriate outfit. I was really glad that I followed J's advice because otherwise, I would have gone home with broken sandals, or worse a broken foot. This is because we're always up for a bit of adventure so  we took the more challenging track instead o

The Pressure is on the Lemon Drizzle Cake

Baking has always been one of my weaknesses. And for someone like me who absolutely loves cakes, I should be able to make one for myself. But I am not very keen on following recipes as I don't like measurements, so I deleted baking on my list of things to learn. Needless to say, I have tried baking banana bread once before but guess what? I failed miserably. This is the reason why I was convinced that I couldn't bake. Until last week when J asked me if I could bake:  Me : NO?! J : C'mon, I'm sure you can. Every week, we have a meeting and everyone brings cake baked by their partners and wives. I'm the only one who hasn't brought anything yet and I said I would bring some next week. (then he hugged me) Me : Can you just bring Vietnamese summer rolls?  J : (he laughs) It should be a cake. Me : Damn, really? I can't bake. J : C'mon. Just try.  And so I did, only because I was pressured. I couldn't think of anything to bake apart f