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A Day Trip to Paris

No matter how many times you have been to Paris, you can never say no to another trip.  You will always find a good reason to go back (for me at least). Honestly, after my last trip to the city, I told myself not to go back there anymore because Paris is Paris, it will always be Paris. But memories do change though. This is what I realised when my sister from another mother told me that she was finally coming to Europe for her birthday. I just couldn't say no. She is one of the most valuable people in my life and I couldn't just be two-hour train journey away and not see her. Besides, it was a good opportunity for me to make new memories,  and another excuse for me and J to get out of London. So without hesitation, I booked two train tickets to Paris. Unfortunately, J couldn't make it in the end because he didn't have his passport. It was at the  embassy and we only realised it the night before we were supposed to leave. I went anyway and of course, J's passport a