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Afternoon Tea in London: My Experiences in 2021

By now, those who consistently and patiently follow my blog know that I love Afternoon Tea . Trust me when I say that I actually spend more on Afternoon Tea these days than on shoes, clothes or bags. And if you were to make me choose between shopping and Afternoon Tea, I would choose the latter without any doubt. There is something about having an Afternoon Tea that really makes me happy. First of all, it's the company. I don't go to an Afternoon Tea with just anyone. I make sure that when I go to an Afternoon Tea, it is with people who can inspire me and motivate me to become a better person. It must be with people who genuinely make me happy. An Afternoon Tea experience is such special that I only want to share it with people who are equally special to me. Life is too short to be spending one of the best experiences you can ever have with people who can not positively influence your life. Charaught. 😀 Secondly, it's the food. I am not a sandwich fan, but when I go to an