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10 Restaurants in London To Try in 2024

Since we moved to the South of the river almost a couple of years ago, we decided to explore the food scene locally a little bit more because honestly, there are really good restaurants here, too. However, since I was having a prolonged separation anxiety from our former West End neighbourhood, I went back to Central London (to eat) more frequently than I planned last year. Again, I had really good food experiences because I had a mixture of all my favourite dishes.  I know it's almost April, but it's never too late. There is still plenty of time to explore the restaurants on my list. And if you do try any of them, I hope you'll enjoy it, too. 1. Fallow St James's We went to the Fallow for only one thing- their smoked cod's head in homemade Sriracha sauce and leek oil (£28). I mean, not a lot of people would eat a fish head, but it's one of my favourite things in life. This cod's head was perfectly seasoned, and although it appeared to be all bones, it was a

5 Afternoon Tea Experiences To Book in London in 2024

Last year, I kept my promise to have less  Afternoon Teas  so I could experience other things, hence I am only sharing 5 Afternoon Tea experiences on this blog this time. Less is more as they say. London is your place for the most amazing Afternoon Teas, and there are plenty of hotels and restaurants that offer this luxurious experience. To those who are new here, I have been writing about my Afternoon Tea experiences in London since 2013- that goes to show how much I love this classic English tradition and you should, too. So, here are five of the many places in London where you can enjoy finger sandwiches, scones, little cakes and a variety of teas in 2024. 1. The Regency Afternoon Tea at Theatre Royal Drury Lane Afternoon Tea at the Theatre Royal is served in the Grand Saloon on the first floor. Enjoy the pleasure of walking up the grand staircase and into dazzling chandeliers and beautiful tall green pillars inside the Grand Saloon, giving that Bridgerton vibe. Sandwiches are not s

2023, Thank You For Defying Me

And so, 2024 is finally here. I must say that 2023 was not my favourite year for the main reason that I met the worst version of myself last year. And when I say "worst", I mean the most negative, the most ungrateful and the most impatient Cristine that I have ever known. I was very lost and confused- one thing that I have never been in such a long time. 2023 hit me quite differently and it was in a very negative way. Whilst there are a lot of things that I want "to do better" in 2024, there are a few little things that I really want to focus on. Don't get me wrong, despite all the negativity last year, I can honestly say that I remained blessed. Not in any material way, but 2023 was the year when I finally realised that my Ate Nonia was right- I am blessed with so many intangible things that added so much more value and meaning into my life, and for that, I am grateful.  Now, please do not judge me when I say that Social Media is on top of my list to do better