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The Corona Lockdown Made Me Cook It

The Corona lockdown was definitely a good opportunity for me to upscale my skills in the kitchen. I have been learning how to cook since 2016, when I took a career break and lived in New Zealand for almost a year. I mean, I know I can now cook, however, I have only been cooking food that I am comfortable cooking. In short, I (always) play safe because I am very impatient in the kitchen (this is the only aspect of my life that I am impatient with). So, when the lockdown was imposed, I decided to level up in my cooking. I started cooking food that I would not normally cook, food that I haven't eaten in a very long time and food that I very rarely cook. I even learned how to bake bread, cakes and muffins. So yes, another good thing that came out of the lockdown is the fact that I am now inspired to take on my cooking into new heights. So, watch this space. :) Allow me to please share the food that I have cooked during the lockdown: 1. Cakes, Breads and Muffins - I say this as if I act

My Dear Keith- You Would Have Been 20 And Making Your Dreams Come True

Seeing your friends' posts on social media always make me wonder if you would have done the same, too. You know, creating your own social media accounts and regularly posting stuff that interested you. You were very shy when you were a child, but saying that perhaps you would have gained more confidence in university. Yes, you would have been 20 and chasing your dreams. I am very pleased to tell you that I am still in touch with some of your friends. Thanks to facebook and instagram for allowing us to do so. Your friends have grown into very fine young men and young ladies. I am sure you are proud of them. Your best friend A is attending PLM, whilst X is studying Psychology in my alma mater. Every now and then, I chat with A, I and V. From what I can gather, they are all doing well. Hayyy, I can only wish you were still here so I could enjoy watching you become an admirable young man. All I can do now is take comfort in the fact that you are in a better place - a place where you se