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On Success And What It Means To Me

A recent situation albeit disappointing, inspired me to reflect on success and what it really means to me. If I were to define success based on what was fed into me when I was growing up, I would say that success means having a degree and a title (i.e Doctor, Engineer), earning lots of money, getting married to a rich man, having children, owning a big house and a luxurious car, and acquiring expensive clothes, shoes and handbags. But that was and I believe still is the society's definition of success. Definitely not mine. As I grew older, I learned how to look at success more subjectively. Hence, I redefined my definition of success. For me, success begins with intentions. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a doctor so I can put up my own hospital and work for the UN. I can vividly recall telling my mother I wanted to build a free hospital for the least fortunate people. I remember my mother asking me how would I become rich if I did that?! But God knows, becoming rich w

My Thoughts At 46

Yesterday, I woke up to birthday messages from friends and family who never fail to greet me on my birthday, year after year. And as the day progressed, more messages came through my inbox and through social media. I had mixed feelings because if I can be honest, I was not in the right frame of mind to celebrate my birthday due to some challenges in my personal life that I am dealing with right now. However, as much as I was and still is disheartened with what is going on, I am determined to continue a tradition that I have started almost 10 years ago. So here I am, writing what is on my mind as I begin my journey to 47. 1. On Being Unmarried and Childless at 46 - Having come from a country where having a family is seemingly the measurement of every person's success (apart from being rich), I was and still is often caught up in an awkward conversation about being unmarried and childless at my age. Some people show compassion, others nothing but insensitivity. I know people do not c