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1111 And (What I Think) It Means For Me

It's been two days since I wrote the title of this blog. Somehow, I lost focus and simply could not find the words to say. Perhaps because the reality that I left a job that I was quite happy with has not sunk in. Perhaps, I am anxious of starting a new job. But wait, I have not been this anxious before. I have changed jobs at least three times in the last two years, and I never felt this anxious. This morning I was very frustrated as I found myself pacing in our home office back and forth feeling so bothered, and I didn't know why. For the first time since I went back to St Thomas's from New Zealand after my career break  in 2017, I was feeling so insecure. I actually told J that I was feeling depressed- kind of an exaggeration, but honestly, I didn't know what I was feeling this morning. Until I was reminded of the "angel number"  1111 and what I think it means for me. I started seeing these numbers over two years ago. This year, I must have seen 1111 more

Christmas Lights in London: My Personal Favourites

As much as I am not very keen on the cold weather, I must say that Christmas is my favourite season in London. London is of course beautiful all year round, however the capital really shows off during Christmas time. The lights surrounding the city are captivating and they bring so much joy even to those who don't necessarily believe in Christmas. By now, Oxford Street lights are switched on, and in the coming days, the rest of them will grace the busy streets of the capital. I have been lucky to have enjoyed most of my favourite lights away from the madding crowd during the pandemic, and on my early morning walks to work. And now that we are back to normal and I no longer work and live in Central London, I thought I'd write about my favourite Christmas Lights just in case some of you are planning to visit London during this time. 1. Regent Street - It's no doubt that Regent Street has the the most beautiful Christmas Lights in London. The long street connecting Piccadilly