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Celebrating My 39th in Rome

Although I have  been to  Rome twice before, I can't s a y that I have actuall y seen  it. The first time I went to Rome was in 2006. It was a day trip from Venice and the only place we went to was the Vatican City. We took some photos and that was it really. More than six hours round trip to and from Rome didn't give us enough time to properly see the city. The second time, I was on a cruise. People who have been on a cruise would know how it's like to get out of the  boat and "explore" a city in one day. From my experience, it was trying to step out of the boat before everybody else so we could beat the   other  tourists and see as many attractions as possible. I remember running in my 3-inch wedges in the middle of St Peter's square and jumping the massive queue to enter the Vatican museum, much to the annoyance of the Spanish people behind us. Luckily, none of this happened in July, when I went back to Rome for the third time for my 39th birthday. It ma

40 Before 40: Go Karting

My first driving lesson when I was about 20 years old was an utter failure. I deemed myself unsafe to drive for the main reason that I closed my eyes whenever I saw a bigger vehicle coming. Not to mention that I hit a pole on my very first day of driving. I have not attempted to drive since then because I am quite scared. I think I have guts in most things but not in driving (or swimming). Somehow I had go karting in mind when I was making my 40 before 40 list knowing that I don't drive. But because I have tried bump cars before, I assumed that they are quite the same (although obviously not). So I gave it a go anyway. Apologies for the quality of the photos, they were taken using my iphone 4s (yes, I know) and the place was a bit dark. Anyway, I liked the racing outfit although it was a bit too big for me. I looked like I knew what I was doing. :) I must admit I was a bit nervous when I got on the kart. I normally do not pay much attention to briefings, but this ti