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A Day in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of those places that I have always wanted to visit but never got the chance. But sometime in June (thanks to J), I finally visited Cambridge. Unfortunately, we left London quite late so we only managed to do a couple of things: The Backs and Trinity College. I guess if you only have two hours to spend in a beautiful city, you have to get your priorities right. And I mean- an obligatory wall shot. :) I went to Cambridge with a mission to take more photos of the place (rather than myself) as I recently found a passion in photography (naks). And The Backs was absolutely perfect for that. The Backs walk will always be  one of my favourite walks. Beautiful sceneries, very romantic and it gives a beautiful view of the colleges and the   River Cam. I just realised that I didn't actually take photos of the colleges from The Backs. I was busy looking for random things that I missed the stunning views of the colleges. Oh well. Speaking of random thin