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On Why I Stay at Home and Believe in Social Distancing

When the Corona Virus first hit the news in the middle of January,  I hoped that it would be contained in China. We continued to live a normal life. I was also pre-occupied with so many other things at that time, so I didn't pay so much attention to it. Until two cases were reported in the UK at the end of January. It was obvious that this virus was hitting home quicker than I anticipated. At the end of February, there were about 23 cases reported. We also saw a global spread of the virus to more than 20 countries. At this point, we thought that this was a pandemic although the World Health Organisation didn't declare this until the 11th of March.   As soon as March came, we saw a rapid rise in number of confirmed cases. We started to worry as the situation was obviously becoming worse. J has a background in research and he is good at it, so he has been doing reasonable amount of research on the progression of the virus from the moment we heard about it until now.  An over