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London In A Day With Me

The world is officially open and things are definitely back to normal. No, not even new normal. Just normal. Masks are long gone and PCR tests seemingly no longer exist. I walk around our neighbourhood and see numerous tourists dragging their luggages between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. This scene is exactly as it was two years ago, pre-pandemic as we prefer to call it now.  I see the "TootBus" parked along Coventry Street, tourists queueing up to get an open-air experience to see the famous sights of London, apparently at discounted price of £27.90 (original price £31). It reminded me of that one time that I took a tour bus around London as a newbie in the city. It was fun, however when I realised that I could actually see most of London sights on foot and on public transport, I never mentioned the Tour Bus to visiting family and friends ever again. This was almost 20 years ago. The idea of this blog entry came about because a couple of people asked if I could he