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40 Before 40: Horseback Riding

The only time I have ever ridden a member of the horse family was a few years ago and only as a transportation. I was on a holiday in Santorini and went down the cliff to go to Nea Kameni . And to get back to the top of the cliff, I had the choice to either  walk up more than 588 wide steps or ride a donkey. I opted for the donkey ride to complete my Santorini experience. This however, turned  out to be one of the scariest experiences I ever had.  I have Acrophobia and got really paranoid that I would fall off the donkey and then  down the cliff. Whenever I looked down the cliff, I felt like I was going to lose my balance and fall off. That's when I started crying.  Going up the cliff on a donkey This is the reason why horseback riding is on my  40 before 40 list . After that experience in Santorini, I wanted to officially learn how to ride a horse. Luckily one of my friends has been riding for some time and as soon as she saw my list, she offered to make one of my dreams

Cafe by the Ruins, Baguio City

I finally decided to take a break from writing my assignment and reminisce instead. Yes I am missing home and since it is summer time in the Philippines, I am sure that people are now looking for some places where they can relax, enjoy some good food and simply have fun. Well, Baguio city is always a popular place to visit in the summer because of its cold weather. I should know because I lived there for 5 years when I was in university, although I never went back until  this January. That was more than ten years. Gosh. I don't know but tonight something reminded me of that day when I randomly asked my family if we could go on a day trip to Baguio just because I wanted to try a restaurant called Cafe by the Ruins . Now, Baguio is nowhere near where we live. Travel time is normally around 6 hours, but because of the express way, it only took us 4 hours this time. The only annoying thing about the whole trip was the expensive toll charges, like in every town. I suppose it was wo