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My Personal Experience In Travelling To Manila During The Pandemic

A few weeks ago, I finally made the decision to go home after my father was hospitalised for an urgent operation. I know the world remains unstable and perhaps it was and still is not the best time to go home, but I know that I needed to see my parents sooner than later or I may not be able to forgive myself easily should anything happen to either of them, God forbid. I guess the universe was on my side during this journey because everything went smoothly as far as I am concerned.  I would normally book my plane ticket directly from the airline, however on this occasion, I decided to use a travel agent as my flight was urgent and the only flights I could find online were business class. As much as I wanted to travel on business class (one day), this was not the right time. Mabuhay Travel was helpful in booking my flight and was very accommodating until after my transaction was completed. I still have reservations in using travel agents, so I would try my best to avoid them in the futu

Behind Some Of The Cafes I Visited in London Is A Story

One of my favourite things to do in London is hang out in a cafe, alone or with some friends. Whenever I am in much need of a me-time, most especially when I am frustrated and stressed out from work, I would drop by a cafe to wind down before heading home. When I need some "clinical supervision", I would invite a work friend or two to join me. And when family and friends visit me in London, I like to bring them to cafes that I love to share the experience with them, or to a cafe that I have never been to, to make new memories together.  To be honest, I have not always been a coffee lover. My love affair with coffee only started when I was 36. I was convinced that caffeine would keep me awake at our morning meetings, and therefore would buy it from a corner cafe every morning on my way to work. Since then, I have not stopped drinking coffee (although I was recently advised to reduce my caffeine intake).  Then I went to New Zealand where I drank some of the best coffees in the