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40 Before 40: Five Main Courses from Five Countries

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I gave myself the challenge to learn how to cook 5 main courses from 5 different countries. I didn't know how to cook at that point and the kitchen has never been my favourite place in the house. But when I started experimenting on brunch and breakfast  meals, I kind of realised that perhaps I have the kitchen potential after all. And so I took on the challenge and voila! 1. Pad Thai (Shrimp and Chicken) - Quite tricky to begin with. I wanted to be as authentic as possible so I made my own pad thai sauce the first time (bottom photo). It was good (I think) but it looked really pale. I just used  fish sauce, a little bit of soy sauce and some garlic. I later found out that I needed to use tamarind paste and brown sugar. The second time around, I cheated. I actually used pad thai sauce from Waitrose. But still, I cooked it. :) 2. Risotto - I was actually thinking of cooking the easy spaghetti. But I wanted to cook something