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The Muffin Man Tea Shop, High Street Kensington

Every now and again, I crave for one of my favourite treats ever - the scones .  And since I now live in Southwest London, it has been really hard for me to find a local cafe that serves scones. Now that's a lie. Honestly, I have not made an effort because I am still going back to North London to treat myself once in a while. Although it's quite a long journey, I would still go there for the love of High Tea of Highgate's   scones. The 45-minute tube ride is always worth it. Recently though, I went back to a cafe in High Street Kensington called The Muffin Man . I have been there twice before but it's really not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of scones. But when one of my friends suggested that we meet up half way for our afternoon tea, I thought I'd take her to The Muffin Man. One thing I like about their scones is the fact that they're toasted. I like the crunchiness of it. The only thing is, I always miss cutting the scones into h

Unframed Imperfections (My Paintings)

I woke up one Sunday morning very ambitious and wrote to the Ambassador of the Philippine Embassy in London asking if they could lend me a small room for my art exhibition which I am planning to hold on 28 January 2016, Keith's 4th year death anniversary. But of course, they did not reply. In any case, this is merely a dream and I don't think there is anything wrong with dreaming. After all, it's the only thing that I can get for free in this world.  The fact is though- I don't think I have a creative mind. I say this because I always find it hard to think of something creative to paint. I can't even say that I have no inspiration because honestly, I have a lot. It's just that when I am in front of a blank canvas, I automatically go into what I can call as creative block. I'd like to be that painter who comes up with spontaneous ideas. This is the reason why until now, I can not consider myself an artist. And when it comes to  painting, I still have so