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Cafe Brood's Paella, Borough Market

It is true that sometimes the best things in life are found right at your doorstep. Take paella for example. Whenever I travelled to Spain in the past, I was at a quest of finding the best paella ever. But all the time, I was left disappointed. The paellas that I had in Spain so far were either pale-looking, lacking in ingredients or the rice was half-cooked. Perhaps I didn't go to the right places for paella. But nevertheless, I found the best paella I have ever had - in where else, but Borough Market.  Since I first had the paella at Cafe Brood in Borough Market, I never looked anywhere else. Now, everytime I crave for some good paella (which is at least once a month), I would go there. It may not even be authentic Spanish paella, but who cares? It is what I expected paella to look and taste like, so it's all good for me. Besides, you have a choice between prawn and my ever favourite Spanish chorizo. And for a reasonable price of less than 7 pounds, you'll get a very

One Spring Morning In London

On Wednesday on my way to work, I finally felt like it was spring. The weather was not that cold and at 7 o'clock in the morning, it was already bright. There was something that day that inspired me to take photos of my daily route to work. Yes I think I am lucky to be able to cross the Westminster bridge everyday, passing by two of the most famous landmarks in London.  The Houses of Parliament The London Eye And because I no longer have anything to worry about in the mornings, I have more time to absorb the beauty of my route. From the Westminster tube station, I always take the right exit onto the foot of the Big Ben. It is easier for me as I  don't  have to cross the road.  This is the view on my right. (And on my left would be the London Eye). The side of the road that I always take: Spring is finally here: Ah, I love Spring. tintin x