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Boses The Movie

As much as I would like to write a review of the film, I can't because I am not good that way. All I can share with you now is why this film Boses is so close to my heart. Although I am in no way part of the film, I feel so connected to it mainly because of the location where the film was shot and two of the main actors. When I lost my son , I had the privilege of meeting Sir Coke (who plays Ariel in the movie)and Julian Duque (who plays Onyok). They played the violin for Keith Ashley during his wake. At that time, I was not able to chitchat with either of them. I just watched them play and just listened to their conversations with Keith's Mama - until I visited Casa San Miguel and bumped into Julian again. He was 8 when he played Onyok and he was 11 when I met him.    Casa San Miguel is where Keith Ashley went for his art and violin lessons. For sure, he had a lot of good memories in that place.On our visit to Casa, Keith's Mama showed me where Keith would norm

Life is a Candy Crush Saga

I have been playing candy crush for more or less than two months now. At first I just thought I’d give it a try as everyone was talking about it. And then eventually I got addicted to it.  For me the first few levels were really easy, and then it got harder and harder until I got stuck at level 65.  I have been trying to finish this level for almost three weeks now but I still  can’t  clear all the jelly. But I am not giving up. :) When I was just getting into the game, I considered it as a cure to my boredom when I am on the tube on my way home or when I am waiting for something or someone. Until one day, I got really frustrated. That’s when I started relating candy crush to life. Just like candy crush, life is colourful. It has different shapes and forms. It's addictive, especially if you are winning. At the same time it’s a challenge. Every level is different. Sometimes it’s easy, at times it’s really difficult. Of course, there will always be obstacles along the

Finding Netherlands

Last March, we had the opportunity to visit our relatives in The Netherlands. Of course, we have been to other parts before but this time, we concentrated in the South of Netherlands. Our trip was actually double purpose as I also ran my first half marathon in Den Haag for my beloved Keith .  For the first time ever, we took the train from London St. Pancras to Brussels. And then from there we took another train from Brussels to Dordrecht. Believe it or not, for 6 six days we were in and out of Dordrecht train station, but I actually didn't SEE Dordrecht. I don't know, I just didn't really think about it as I was pre-occupied with other cities that we wanted to visit. I later found out that Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland. Damn. At least I have a reason to go back to Holland, and of course to see my family again. The first city we visited was Breda which is about 30 minutes away (by train) from Dordrecht. I loved the fact that we had to go through a park