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Life is a Candy Crush Saga

I have been playing candy crush for more or less than two months now. At first I just thought I’d give it a try as everyone was talking about it. And then eventually I got addicted to it. 

For me the first few levels were really easy, and then it got harder and harder until I got stuck at level 65.  I have been trying to finish this level for almost three weeks now but I still  can’t  clear all the jelly. But I am not giving up. :)

When I was just getting into the game, I considered it as a cure to my boredom when I am on the tube on my way home or when I am waiting for something or someone. Until one day, I got really frustrated. That’s when I started relating candy crush to life.

Just like candy crush, life is colourful. It has different shapes and forms.

It's addictive, especially if you are winning. At the same time it’s a challenge. Every level is different. Sometimes it’s easy, at times it’s really difficult.

Of course, there will always be obstacles along the way. Some are expected just like the jellies. Some are quite unexpected, like the chocolates that pop out of nowhere quicker than you can think, quicker than you can make your next move. If you can’t beat them first, they will block  your way to get the right combination and then you're screwed.

There is a set goal. You have to make certain number of moves before you can move on to another level. And those moves better be the right moves, otherwise you will get stuck at one level for a long time and won’t be able to move on. Therefore, you have to think carefully which move to take. If you make mistakes, you will lose your chances.

You will lose some lives of course, but you will learn how to pause for a while, accept that you cannot do anything about it  anymore and wait until a new life comes. It gives you a new hope.

No matter how challenging and frustating it can be, you know you have weapons like those colour bombs and striped and wrapped candies that you can use.  You just need to find or make those weapons as you go along. They make it easier for you to get rid of the obstacles and give you the hope that somehow you will get through that very challenging level.

It’s competitive.  You’re not the only one out there who is trying to reach the highest level.  Some people are better than you and they will let you know that. But don’t worry because there will always be someone above you, but then again, there will always someone below you. So keep on fighting.

You’re not alone in the challenge. If you’re stuck or struggling, you can always ask for help from a friend.

At the end of the day, no matter how hard it is sometimes, it’s fun.

It may take a very long time for you to get through a level, but you will get there.  Nothing is permanent in this world. There is an end to everything.

Success is all about strategy.

So, just keep on playing the games of life. Never give up. It’s just a candy crush saga after all.



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