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40 before 40: Fencing

This is one dream that I didn't tell anyone until a few months ago when  I made a  l ist of 40 things I wanted to do before I am 40 . Since then, people have been curious as to why I wanted to learn how to fence. I only have two reasons: first, because I think the sport is graceful and second because of the kit. Yes, I am shallow that way. Honestly, I really didn't know anything about the sport until I saw Richard Gomez fencing on national television in the '90s. Since then, I held onto the dream that one day I'll be able to fence. Photo from And so when I came across a fencing lesson on Groupon , I didn't think twice.  £25  for 4 weeks was a bargain I thought. And although I waited for at least two months to start the course, it was well worth the wait.  The course took place at Fighting Fit Fencing in Caledonian Road. The venue is not that hard to find as it is only about 2 minutes walk from the Caledonian Road tube station. O

Cardiff Half Marathon

When it comes to the friendship department, I believe I am one of the luckiest girls on earth. Having had a bad time the week before, one of my best friends Katie surprised me with a weekend get away in Cardiff, Wales in time for our first half marathon together. While she could have chosen to celebrate her success (she just passed her exams) in some other way, she chose to spend it with me because she thought we both deserved a good time in Cardiff. And so we celebrated her success and my sort of failure with a view! Katie didn't actually told me that she booked us a five star hotel by Cardiff bay. She wanted to surprise me and she succeeded. The breathtaking view and Katie's kindness almost brought tears to my eyes.  The view from our hotel room My friend Katie, the view and our food Apparently the night before a race, you should carb-load. Perhaps I have heard about this before but obviously have chosen to ignore it as I cannot remember carbloading ever