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Three Years On, My Angel

I finally went home after three years. Three years since Keith left us. I didn't know how I was supposed to feel when I visited his new place on earth.  I couldn't believe that it has been that long. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. How I wish he was still here. It was not the same anymore. He was missed. And because it was Keith's third year in heaven on the 28th of January, it was K Lighter Day. This year, I no longer expected much because I know that someday somehow people will no longer participate in our K Lighter Days, or worse they will forget. It is now my job to keep Keith's legacy so he will not be forgotten by many. But then again, even if he is going to be forgotten by other people, we, his family will never ever forget him. We will continue to remember him everyday of our lives, not just on K Lighter Days. I woke up really early that day partly because I was still jet-lagged. I lit Keith's candle as soon as I got up and played " Ligh

40 Before 40: Zip Lining at Treetop Adventure Subic Bay

I once said "afraid of heights no more" in one of my travel albums. I was convinced I wasn't afraid anymore until I went on top of the Shard and realised that I couldn't look down and felt like I was going to fall despite the the fact that I was surrounded by glass. Since then I decided to "desensitize" myself and exposed myself to heights whenever I got the chance. And then I came up with 40 before 40 list and added Zip lining on it as one way of hopefully conquering my fear of heights. I am really lucky to have family members from the States who are very adventurous, especially my Uncle Greg. Whenever he is home, he is always looking for things to do. So one day when he got bored and wanted to do something fun, I suggested zip lining. I knew that they have already done this in Hundred Islands a week before, but knowing them I was confident that they would do it again. Yes, I had an ulterior motive in suggesting this activity because I wanted to

Ashitaba Tea From Our Garden

I am a great fan of green tea, so when my sister-in-law mentioned a tea made from an herb from our front yard, I got really curious. Apparently, she and my mother have been drinking this tea and they have felt better since (both of them have been ill previously). My sister-in-law even swears that this tea helped her lose some weight. I got even more excited when I heard this. The herb is called Ashitaba, also known as Longevity or Tomorrow's leaf. According to webmd , this is used for hypertension, GORD, gout, constipation, fluid retention, blood clots and even cancer. This Ashitaba is widely discussed on the web and I have found multiple blogs about it too. I was convinced that this herb works so I have been drinking it since I got home. My Ate Vicky makes the tea for me. The Ashitaba herb in our front yard The Ashitaba stalks The Ashitaba stalks ready to be cooked. We are probably only one of the few households that still uses coal to cook. According to m

Morning Runs in San Felipe, Zambales

As expected, they have been feeding me like a hungry pet since I arrived home. So I am determined to lose that extra "bundle" (of 10 pounds) that I gained in the last two weeks. Besides, I promised myself to stick to my fitness regime while I am on holiday. I mean it is really hard work especially if you are surrounded by people who eat 6 meals a day. Yes six times. They eat pandesal between 5-6am and then they have proper breakfast around 8am. After that they have late morning merienda and then lunch. In the afternoon around 4pm they have another merienda and then supper. In fact, food is readily available in the house so trust me, it's really hard to resist. It also doesn't help that the foods they serve me are those that I don't eat very often (or not at all) in London. I should be forgiven for overeating because after all I am on a holiday, but I will not be able to forgive myself if I can't lose the weight that I gained in just two weeks. It is only b

Thank you for the lessons 2014

It was another year of journey to recovery, but I think my 2014 was not that bad after all. I can only be thankful for everything that has happened because although life was tough, I learned a lot of lessons. It's now the 2n d of January and I am glad that I started the year right . First of all with an amazing New Year's celebration with my whole family a nd seco ndly, with positive thoughts. I am sure this year is n ot going to be without trials, but I am ready. Last year prepared me re ally well for whatever challenges I ma y still hav e   to face in the coming years. I feel that this year is going to be a better year for me. Well, I hope so anyway.  I ho pe you started y our ye ar the way you have planned it.