Morning Runs in San Felipe, Zambales

As expected, they have been feeding me like a hungry pet since I arrived home. So I am determined to lose that extra "bundle" (of 10 pounds) that I gained in the last two weeks. Besides, I promised myself to stick to my fitness regime while I am on holiday. I mean it is really hard work especially if you are surrounded by people who eat 6 meals a day. Yes six times. They eat pandesal between 5-6am and then they have proper breakfast around 8am. After that they have late morning merienda and then lunch. In the afternoon around 4pm they have another merienda and then supper. In fact, food is readily available in the house so trust me, it's really hard to resist. It also doesn't help that the foods they serve me are those that I don't eat very often (or not at all) in London. I should be forgiven for overeating because after all I am on a holiday, but I will not be able to forgive myself if I can't lose the weight that I gained in just two weeks. It is only because I feel it when I gain weight. Meaning, I easily get tired and sometimes I experience shortness of breath.

Determined to keep fit, I endeavored (if this is the right word) to find the best place to run in my hometown. I have heard from my sister-in-law that there are more and more people running in the morning, which was encouraging. 

So I wake up at 0500 most mornings and then do my abdominal crunches. And then at around 0530, I go out for a run.

On my first run in our town, my brother and my cousin took me to Feather Road. I have ran there before so I knew how it was. I like running there because the road is concrete and it's not boring. It's rural but the view is amazing. I only have one concern though : the dogs. Some of them are on the street so it's a bit scary. But my brother follows me in his tricycle so I can easily jump on it just in case the dogs start chasing me.

Apparently, the most common place that people run is at the playground in Bobulon. I was not sure of running there at first because from memory it was not that big. But I thought it's worth a try. The first time I ran there I only did 6 laps because I got bored. To be honest, running to me is already boring and having to go around the track over and over again does not really help. Besides, there is nothing there to distract me. However, right now I don't have a choice. My brother is not always willing to wake up at 0530 to take me to feather road and my cousin doesn't drive. So I have been running there, but I had to find a way to make my run at the playground a bit easier. 

So this morning, I tried running from our house to the playground. That means running on the main road which I really enjoyed. The road is more even and for some reason softer to run on. Perhaps it's the asphalt. Also, it's quiet at 0530. I am actually considering running farther next time and see how it goes. I'm just not sure if people will appreciate me running on the main road as I have not seen anyone else running there.

I have always wanted to run by the sea. I thought it was easy. But running on the sand was really difficult . I don't think I'll run there again. It's a shame because I really liked the sea breeze and the sound of the waves, not to mention the beautiful view.

If you are local or even just visiting and want to go for a run, why not try the places above?

tintin x


  1. Good for you Cristine! It's especially challenging to do any exercises back home since we pretty much have 8 meals a day. Lol. Plus it is hard to resist the food. Any plans to visit other places in the PI? Enjoy the rest of your trip and don't forget my pasalubong. (jk)

  2. Not this time manong as I didn't plan this trip well. Next time maybe. Yes, I have been trying not to eat loads but it's really hard. :(


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