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PRAIANO: Amalfi Coast's Best Kept Secret

Positano and Amalfi are perhaps the most famous towns in the Amalfi Coast. A lot of people would probably prefer to stay in either places because I must admit, Positano, with its pastel-coloured houses perched on a cliff, is a sight to behold. It is indeed dramatic and elegant. This only means that Positano is very touristy and if you are looking for a peaceful place to stay whilst on holiday, maybe it is better to choose the least heard-of towns nearby. Amalfi town, on the other hand, is a major transportation hub and therefore very busy, too. There is however, an equally picturesque town half-way through Positano and Amalfi town that is apparently often overlooked. The tranquility of the town provides that perfect place for much-needed rest and relaxation after a tiring whole day of exploring neighbouring towns. Despite not knowing much about this place, we chose to book our Air BnB accommodation here anyway. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made during this trip, a

7-Day Amalfi Coast + Puglia Itinerary

I never realised how stimulating it is to write an itinerary until we started travelling in New Zealand a couple of years ago. Prior to that, I merely tagged along. So when we decided to travel to Italy this year, I volunteered to plan our itinerary, with the help of Farrah, who provided me with a spreadsheet of places to see and restaurants to try. Although it took me longer than I expected because I had to do some research on the most realistic travel times, best routes, etc, I found pleasure in writing our itinerary because I learned so much in planning our journey to Southern Italy.   OUR ITINERARY As our main destination was the Amalfi coast, we decided to stay 4 days there. Then we spent 2(and a half)days in Puglia which was a very good decision because Puglia is a truly magnificent place and shouldn't be missed.  Day 1 - Praiano It was a good thing that we chose to stay in the fishing village of Praiano for the duration of our trip to the Amalfi coast. You pro