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Pate Moi Mushroom Pate, Borough Market

I was meant to write about this amazing mushroom pate ages ago, but somehow I keep forgetting about it. I know... How could I,  when I really never miss it whenever I visit Borough Market? Anyway, I must admit that I am a big fan of pates. When I was young I used to like Reno liver spread a lot. And saying that, I haven't had one in years. Hence, when I came across Pate Moi a couple of years ago, I thought I have found a better alternative, healthier in fact (well, I hope).  The packaging is catchy in itself. I have forgotten his name (Tim or Tom?), but he was nice (and cute). One thing that I love about this little stall is the friendliness of the staff. As a fan of "free taste" and their amazing mushroom pate, one sample is never enough for me. I would ask for more and they won't really  mind.  Basically, this organic mushroom is not only meant for bread or crackers. You can also use it on your pasta or rice. You can find more recipes here .