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On How Someone I Haven't Met Touched My Life

One week ago today was the Virgin London Marathon which I missed because I was in Madrid . I am very thankful that my very good friend and her twin brothers successfully crossed the finish line but sadly, one of the runners collapsed at 22.5 miles (3.7 miles before the finish line) and died later in the hospital. He happened to be my favourite chef, Matt Campbell. Photo from Matt's Instagram Page I don't know Matt personally. I only know him because he was my favourite to win at last year's Masterchef Professionals. To be honest, that series was the first Masterchef I watched from beginning to end. It was all because of Matt. I fell in love at first sight with Matt's very creative dishes. There was a category in Masterchef wherein they had to create something personal to them or something to that effect. Matt created this sea bream dish inspired by his father and the Lake District. It was one of the most amazing dishes I've ever seen on television.

My Experience As A Solo Traveller In Madrid

I finally reunited with my travel buddy yesterday after five days of wandering around the Spanish capital on my own. First of all, I never thought that I could easily find my way in Madrid considering my ridiculously poor sense of direction. Well actually, my previous trips to Madrid probably helped, although I can only remember the places that I went to but not how to get there. Luckily, citymapper works in Madrid so it saved me (although not totally) from getting lost. So , on Monday morning after J and I stuffed ourselves with pastries and delicious cured meats, I geared up for my solo adventure. My first stop was at The Almudena Cathedral, approximately 15-minute walk from Central Madrid and located just beside the Palacio Real de Madrid. It has become my tradition to visit at least a church when I travel. I chose Almudena because I saw photos of its ornate ceiling on instagram and I was intrigued. So, after giving my thanks to the Lord (yes I did), I looked up and was amazed

On How I Became A Popster

Since Sarah Geronimo has occupied most of my mind and my time this weekend, I might as well write something about her and why I am a fan. It was 2003 when I first heard of her. I went back to the Philippines for the first time after three years of living abroad. On our way home from the airport, my cousin played a song in the car and asked me to guess the singer. It was one of my favourite karaoke songs (although I sounded like a cockroach being strangled whenever I sang it)- To Love You More by Celine Dion. And because Celine Dion was my favourite at that time, I confidently said it was her. My cousin was quick to correct me and said it was Sarah Geronimo. I was like, "who"? Apparently, she won a singing contest the year before. I listened to the whole song and I couldn't believe that I was listening to a 14-year old. I fell in love with her voice instantly, a nd that's how I became a Popster. Photo grabbed from For me, it wasn't

Five Lessons March Taught Me

The beginning of March was rather uplifting. There were some positive feedback from work, and some quality time well spent with people who really matter to us. It was an overdue catch up with one of our favourite couples in London, so what was the better way to spend the day than good food, good laugh and some karaoke with a 3-year old girl? I live for days like that and I am glad that I have amazing people to share it with. However, just like anything in this world, some good things never last. Towards the end of March, my effectivity as a ward manager was put to test. I reflected long and hard as to why would this happen just over two months into my role. I asked myself multiple times, " is it me? ". When I was at a point where I was going to start doubting myself yet again, I heard a voice inside me confidently telling me that it is   not my fault and it will never be my fault. It felt like waking up from a bad dream. Since that day, I was fully convinced that whatever