On How I Became A Popster

Since Sarah Geronimo has occupied most of my mind and my time this weekend, I might as well write something about her and why I am a fan.

It was 2003 when I first heard of her. I went back to the Philippines for the first time after three years of living abroad. On our way home from the airport, my cousin played a song in the car and asked me to guess the singer. It was one of my favourite karaoke songs (although I sounded like a cockroach being strangled whenever I sang it)- To Love You More by Celine Dion. And because Celine Dion was my favourite at that time, I confidently said it was her. My cousin was quick to correct me and said it was Sarah Geronimo. I was like, "who"? Apparently, she won a singing contest the year before. I listened to the whole song and I couldn't believe that I was listening to a 14-year old. I fell in love with her voice instantly, and that's how I became a Popster.
Photo grabbed from www.lionhearttv.net

For me, it wasn't hard to love Sarah Geronimo because she is different from other female Filipino celebrities of her generation. She is innately talented. She always sings from the heart, and makes "birit" with a class. I used to love watching ASAP because of her. Unfortunately, I don't watch it anymore because I don't have TFC. Luckily, Popsters are everywhere on Instagram so I am very much updated with what's going on with the Popstar Royalty.

In fact, whilst I am writing this, I am watching snippets of her concert last night at the same time and I am in awe. She is incredible. How can she do all that? She is the most versatile female performer in the Philippines as far as I am concerned. She seems to never get tired. She consistently sings and dances with so much energy and still manages to maintain her vocals. I think she is getting better with age. 

Anwyay, I love Sarah G because of how she is off-cam. Based on what I have read about her, she is very humble, shy and kind. She is apparently very different on stage- almost like she is possessed whenever she performs. 

I mean,  Sarah is everything that I am looking for in an artist- a total performer with a heart! I am still hoping that one day, I will be able to watch her concert. :)



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