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We Own the Night: Nike Women's 10k Night Run

The run that I almost missed because of bad weather forecast. Basically according to my Met Office app, it was going to rain all day yesterday, and it wasn't just showers, it was heavy rain. So my friend Katie and I were not 100% sure if it was worth it to run in heavy rain. But then we paid  £28 pounds for this and we were not that willing to give it up for just a t-shirt. So we thought we would wait until 5pm and see how the weather would be like. At this point, the weather has changed three times - from rainy to sunny to windy. At 5pm, the rain has stopped, although it was still a bit windy. We decided to go anyway and we thought we would decide whether to run or not when we get there, depending on the weather of course. On my way to the tube station, I saw a rainbow which to me has always been a good sign of a good weather. I don't know if this true but I would like to believe it that way. Or maybe it was a sign from my Angel  that I should run. Whatever it was, I went