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Five Day Trip To The Philippines: How was it Possible?

Some people thought I was crazy to go back home to the Philippines for only five days. However, my sole purpose in going home was to actually see my parents and my family whom I have not seen in five years. It was not a leisurely travel, it was more of a self-vindication if I may call it that.  With the quarantine rules still in place at that time, I spent majority of my time in a hotel room and at home to complete the isolation process. Therefore, the time I spent outside of this was all in between important appointments or when my parents were sleeping (in a total of five days). My mother does not sleep well at night, hence she was asleep most of the day. My father also took naps in the afternoon, so I took this opportunity to spend some time to explore. Thinking about it, despite the short five days that I spent back home, juggling between caring for my parents and running errands, I managed to visit a few beautiful places in my home town of Zambales and the capital. Luckily, I didn