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On How I Started on Social Media and The Reasons Behind My Posts

My blogging history goes back way before Facebook and Instagram took over the social media world. In 2006, I started blogging through the now-defunct Multiply blogger site for only one reason: to share my fundraising events for Bantay Bata 163. But then I started dreaming of becoming a fashion blogger, so I thought I'd utilise the platform to give fashion tips and ideas to other people. Unfortunately, it didn't take long before I realised that I wasn't really fashionable enough to do this. I love dressing up yes, but there is definitely a difference between being plain stylish and being a fashionista, so I gave up on this dream straight away. Besides, I wasn't prepared to spend so much time and money in buying clothes, shoes and bags just so I can tell what other people should buy or wear. I didn't think I was credible enough at that time, and I still don't think I am. When I joined blogger in 2011, I thought I'd give fashion blogging another chance but I

Bullying Is Not Cool

The news that my niece was being bullied in school compelled me to write about my own experience with bullying. I only fully understood the seriousness and effects of bullying when I came to the UK. It was also then I only realised that in fact, I was bullied too- as a child and perhaps as an adult. You see, I grew up in a country were teasing other children in school was and still is a norm. What a lot of people didn't and still don't realise is that teasing can actually be a form of bullying. Children often take advantage of other children's weaknesses. They laugh at other children's disabilities. They find joy in calling other children nasty names. They physically hurt other children to show them they have power over them. All of these seemed to have been accepted by the society that I grew up in. It is very shameful to admit that even grown ups did and said things that they didn't necessarily knew was bullying. In short, there was not enough (or none at a

Every Photo Taken By A Stranger Has A Story

Do you love having your travel photos taken by complete strangers? I absolutely didn't until I traveled to Alsace, France  earlier this year. Just as when I thought I have mastered the art of taking selfies in Madrid last year, I terribly failed in Strasbourg. Hence, I didn't have a choice but to ask strangers to take my photos. You may ask, how about a selfie stick? Er, I still haven't managed to convince myself to use it (unless I am with someone who is up for it). I'm sorry but I just can't make myself to use it, mainly because I am not good at finding the right angles which means that I will waste more time. But don't get me wrong, I tried it before (at home), only I gave up immediately. :) Anyway, I have always been hesitant in asking strangers to take my photos because I fear that they may steal my camera or my phone. Don't trust strangers, remember? And let's be honest, strangers really do not care about my photos (nor me), so they just click

Our Exhilarating One-Week Drive From San Francisco To LA To The Sierras

Our driving adventures started back in 2016 when most weekends, we drove outside Wellington, our then home city in New Zealand .  We  (most especially J) became more interested in long distance driving when we did an unforgettable drive in the South Island . Since then, we made plans to take a driving trip every year, and so far, we have adhered to that plan- from Cornwall in 2017, Puglia in 2018 and this year, from San Francisco to Los Angeles to the Western area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In fact, this year's driving trip was unintentional. We've had this part of California on our driving list, however, we were planning to do this "one day". But thanks to Alex Honnold for inspiring us to push this trip sooner than we planned. Our "one day" became this year after watching his epic documentary "Free Solo".  Planning commenced at least one month before our trip. We decided to fly to San Francisco so we can take the Pacific Coast Highwa

The Fairytale Village Of Colmar, France

It was the day before my birthday when I decided to visit the nearby village of Colmar in Alsace, France. It's just over half an hour train ride from Strasbourg and it was a hassle-free journey. Because it was my birthday week, I decided to treat myself to a first class train ticket, which believe me, is neither that expensive nor special (of course, for a half an hour train ride). The only perk I suppose was the fact that I was on my own in the carriage on both journeys. Nevertheless, it was all worth it as Colmar is a village of my dreams. I arrived mid-morning and the village was already flocked by holiday makers. I went straight to La Petite Venise (Little Venice) and was immediately transported to a fairytale setting. The village is very picturesque with its cobblestone streets lined with candy-coloured half-timbered houses along the canals of river Lauch. Walking around the village felt surreal. I have not been to a place where I felt dizzy just looking at those uniqu