The Fairytale Village Of Colmar, France

It was the day before my birthday when I decided to visit the nearby village of Colmar in Alsace, France. It's just over half an hour train ride from Strasbourg and it was a hassle-free journey. Because it was my birthday week, I decided to treat myself to a first class train ticket, which believe me, is neither that expensive nor special (of course, for a half an hour train ride). The only perk I suppose was the fact that I was on my own in the carriage on both journeys. Nevertheless, it was all worth it as Colmar is a village of my dreams.

I arrived mid-morning and the village was already flocked by holiday makers. I went straight to La Petite Venise (Little Venice) and was immediately transported to a fairytale setting. The village is very picturesque with its cobblestone streets lined with candy-coloured half-timbered houses along the canals of river Lauch. Walking around the village felt surreal. I have not been to a place where I felt dizzy just looking at those uniquely decorated colourful buildings. My eyes wandered aimlessly from one direction to another. Everywhere I looked seemed so overwhelmingly beautiful that I did not even think of taking photographs until I came out of my dreams and realised that this place truly existed. I was drowned in the beauty of the flower-filled canals and lovingly decorated buildings. 

I lingered in La Petite Venise until after lunch. The presence of far too many tourists didn't bother me, or should I say I didn't let it bother me because I was living in my own little world, building my own little colourful village in my head. I was oblivious of the fact that I was only there for a short time. It was difficult to gain focus because everything was picture-worthy. When I finally gained momentum, I started clicking my camera (alternating my mobile phone and my digital camera) to my heart's content.

I then made my way towards Rue des Tanneurs, passing by the covered market and some really cute shops and cafes.

Grand Rue, being the main street of Colmar was buzzing. Bright and beautiful colours are consistent everywhere in Colmar. Most of the buildings are tastefully decorated and you could see the pride of the owners, and perhaps a bit of their personalities as well by how their buildings are adorned.

On my way back to the train station, I took a different route and I was rewarded with more exhilarating sights. I must have taken hundreds of photos of Colmar that day. Every house I passed by had its own unique characteristic. Some decors were over the top yet fascinating to look at. Some were simple yet elegant. Some showed signs of wear and tear. But equally, they were all pretty and graceful.

It was only a few hours spent in Colmar, but it's enough to say that I absolutely enjoyed this very charming place. I consider this trip as my first official solo trip, although J was only a few miles away.:)

Somehow whilst writing about this trip to Colmar, the question of why I love to travel kept popping in my head. Perhaps because as I grow older and travel more, I find a better purpose in traveling. I am just grateful that I have the ability to write- that way I am able to share my experiences with those who take time to read my blog and dream of one day seeing amazing places like Colmar

Tin x


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