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A Girl Named Angelina

I was meant to finish writing our itinerary for our trip to Italy in August but I don't think I can let this day pass without sharing my rather interesting experience this evening.  As cliche as it may sound, things really happen for a reason. Whilst I was anticipating dinner with my former colleagues to go on forever as I haven't seen them in quite a long time, something happened that made me leave early. Feeling tired from socialising all day, I tromped through the Golden Jubilee bridge on my way back to Soho. The 20-minute walk seemed so long because of the humid weather. I felt so unfit climbing up a few steps to the bridge. Although the sudden cool breeze on bridge made me feel better, I still couldn't wait to go home. It was only quarter to eight and I was ready for bed.  As I continued to walk towards Northumberland Avenue, I noticed a girl walking seemingly by herself, barefoot and clutching a cash register toy on her chest . I looked around to check whether

Virgin Sport British 10k

After my successful run at the Vitality 10k   last month, I decided to join the Virgin Sport British 10k last Sunday to keep the momentum going. Actually, I watched the race last year after my morning run and it inspired me to join because apparently this annual event is within our neighbourhood. Besides, it is a beautiful route as it passes through some of the most iconic landmarks in London. I thought it would be a real shame if I didn't join this year. So, I sacrificed my monthly shopping money and paid £44 to join the race instead. However, o n the day of the race, I was having second thoughts because I wasn't 100% feeling well. Basically, I had diarrhoea early hours of the morning. Perhaps it was from the delectable fresh mushroom salad that I devoured the night before. I wasn't sure if it was worth taking the risk considering that the weather was predicted to be a record high of between 28-30 degrees centigrade. But I was also preoccupied and needed to clear my m

At 42: It's The Little Things That Matter

A few weeks ago, I almost had an emotional breakdown. I was perhaps having birthday blues or I was just genuinely feeling down. I felt like nothing was going right in my life, although I knew that wasn't true. I tried very hard to be positive. To see the good in the bad. To be my old optimistic self. But I was struggling. At one point, I thought I was losing life's battles. For once in my life, after all that I have been through, everything seemed too much to bear.  I had to desperately do something to combat those negative feelings because I knew I could do better. It took me a few days to finally realise what was missing and what was causing me to feel so weak emotionally. Then it dawned on me that it was indeed my lack of appreciation for the little things in life that precipitated all the negativity. I am a human being after all, because I almost gave in to life's pressures and the nearly impossible standards that the current world we live in has set for all of us