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The Queen's Funeral: My Personal Experience

I have been quite lucky to have seen The Queen and the Royal Family three times in the last few years- first during the Queen's Golden Jubillee and subsequently twice in the last five years at Trooping the Colour. And having lived a few minutes walk away from Buckingham Palace for over five years, I had the immense pleasure of running past one of the most famous buildings in the world on most weekends during my morning runs. No matter how many times I have seen the Palace, until now, I still can't help but take a snap of this momentous building whenever I pass by. The Buckingham Palace became my favourite subject when I was trying to experiment on photography, taking photos of the building from different angles. Needless to say that this place has become a very special part of my Central London life.  That's why when I heard of Our Majesty's passing, I knew that I had to pay respect one way or another. Hence, that Saturday following her death, I went to the Palace at su