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An Open Letter To An Angel On His 5th Angelversary

Dear Keith, Five years have gone by really quick, huh?! January 28 will  never be the same again. I know it has been that long but whenever this day comes, everything just suddenly comes back afresh. Yesterday, I texted Mama to find out what their plans were for your 5th angelversary. She said she wasn't sure. And then she told me that she cried because she remembered the last time you called out to her and squeezed her hand so tight. The painful memories of that day came rushing back. I was heartbroken all over again. It's been five years but the pain remains the same. I went home really hurt and when I saw your photo in the house, I felt  worse  and couldn't stop crying. Then I went through our old photos and came across one during  your christening. I am looking at the photo right  now and hmmm, I look a bit gaunt and you were grimacing. As far as I can remember, it was a long ritual and I'm sure you already had enough of everyone's attention when t

And So, Career-Break Is Finally Over

Last week when I reminded J that I only had one week left before I go back to work, he told me not to get too excited because I would miss my freedom. He was right. Today is officially the last day of my career-break and already, I am missing my freedom. The big changes that are about to come are honestly daunting, but I am confident that my experiences and learnings in the last twelve months  will help me deal with this anticipated "new normal" no matter how challenging it will be. Besides, I think I have prepared myself for this transition. Well, sort of. The thing is, I really don't want to try too hard to make my return to work really work. After all, I am going back to my old job and will be working with the same people. Also, everyone has reassured me that there is nothing to be worried about because nothing has really changed. But the fact of the matter is that, I had a very intimidating experience when I started with this job three years ago,  and I just don'

The Interislander Ferry From Wellington To Picton

Currently on my lap is Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" and reading  halfway through their trip to Burguete, I realised that I am very back blogged with our very own adventure in the other side of the world that is New Zealand. So I dropped the book (temporarily) and decided to start writing about some of the most memorable things that I have experienced down under.  October was literally our last month in New Zealand so I planned our trip to the South Island like a pro. After thoroughly researching about the best possible way to get around the island, I came up with the best idea: ferry, drive then fly. So we began our journey to the South Island with a ferry ride from Aotea Quay in Wellington. Everything went very smoothly from checking-in to finding our seat in the premier lounge. Interislander Kaitaki Ferry was rather looking old and rusty on the outside but it was not too bad in the inside.  The premier lounge was still almost empty when we got in so w

My Humbling Experience As A Carer In Wellington

Only a few people knew that I actually worked in New Zealand for a while. As I was on a career break, I didn't pursue my career in Nursing. I was adamant that I wanted to do something different and learn new skills. However, it dawned on me that Wellington was perhaps not the best place to make a career change (for me anyway). After months and months of tediously tailoring my CV and writing endless cover letters, I remained unsuccessful. My more or less than 100 job applications got rejected one after the other. It was humiliating at first but then I met a few people who were also going through the same ordeal, so I was reassured. At least I was not alone. Eventually, I took the drastic decision to join an agency. During my interview, the recruiter asked if I was sure of my decision to become a carer because of my qualifications and my experience.  All I could say was, " I wouldn't be where I am professionally now if I didn't do the things that a carer does "

My Top 15 Restaurants in Wellington and Why I Love Them

The Indian take away we had the other night got us talking about our favourite Indian restaurant in Wellington. Since then, I couldn't stop thinking about my food adventure in the coolest little capital. Those ten months of food indulgence in Wellington definitely made up for the times that I refused to eat out because 1) it's expensive in London, and 2) you can't get in any of the best cheap restaurants without queueing up for hours. Until now, I still can't get into the groove of dining out here despite being surrounded by famous restaurants and inhaling the smell of my favourite Chinese food everytime I open our kitchen window. At the moment, I prefer cooking our own food not only for the love of it but also because I find it more convenient than going out. But Wellington is a different story. There, I had the freedom to explore the immense food scene and I ate to my heart's content. Unknowingly, I became a voracious eater. I've never