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Weekend in Brighton

A trip that I almost missed. And I am so glad I made it in the end. One thing that I realized was that time spent with people you love is worth than any money you can find. I learned this the hard way as I sacrificed a few things in the last year trying to save money. But life is too short not to spend quality time with important people. My journey to Brighton that weekend was not all straightforward. Having left it to the last minute, I could not easily book train tickets online. And when I am stressed out, I lose all my brain cells and therefore do the most impractical things. I knew that I didn't have enough time to make it to Brighton earlier, so I opted for the coach.  I only had about 30 minutes to get to the coach station from my flat, not to mention that it was rush hour on a Friday. Luckily, the tube came straight away.  When I got out of the the tube in Victoria, I had literally 8 minutes left to make it to my coach. And of course when you are in a rush, th