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40 Before 40: Graduation in the UK

On 21 July 2014, I was able to cross off one of the things I want to do before I turn 40, and that is to experience graduation in the UK. Although I was aiming for a Master's degree, I guess another Bachelor's degree is really not bad and I shouldn't complain. I gained my first Bachelor's degree in Nursing in 1997 and now in Specialist Practice. I am not giving up on my dream to get a Master's degree though, so watch this space. My graduation ceremony took place in Bristol Cathedral. The ceremony was very organized and I basically didn't realize that there are no graduation rehearsals here unlike in the Philippines. I was also wondering whether I was going to receive another certificate because I already received mine through the post few months before. But apparently not. All we did was basically go to the platform and be congratulated by the Chancellor. There were few speeches but that was it really. As simple as it may have been, I definitely enjoyed the

40 Before 40

It's almost 2am in London and I am now officially 38. While most women probably will not disclose their age on the worldwide web, I really don't mind. Age is just a number as they say. Age is basically what you make out of it. In fact, I am very proud to be in my late thirties. And if you look at the photo below, you will understand why. :) Since I will be turning 40 in two years, I thought I would challenge myself so I made a list of 40 things that I want to do before my big 4-0. This is not a bucket list as such (or maybe it is). It's just  a list of things that I have always wanted to do but never got the chance to do. At the same time there are a few on my list that I just recently thought of doing. I know I may not be able to cross all of them off before then, but at least I can say that I have tried. So, here is my list: 1. Learn how to swim 2. Learn how to drive 3. Experience Graduation in the UK  5. Run in UP Diliman 6. Learn to Ski 7. See

Volunteerism: Hands Up for Health

Most of my friends can vouch for my passion in volunteerism. When I moved to London, I have been in constant search for organizations that I can volunteer with. But I really didn't need to look far as the opportunity was right at my doorstep. One day at work, I searched for volunteer work on the intranet and Hands Up for Health came up. After reading a few information about the progaramme, I knew I have found the perfect place to volunteer. So I immediately emailed the programme manager, Dr. Beth Thomas and it was not long until I had my first "go" at Hands Up for Health. Hands Up for Health aims to provide young people (from Lambeth and Southwark) a hands-on experience in dealing with true to life situations.  Young learners get the chance to care for patients (in the form of talking and breathing mannequins). This way, they get an insight of what really goes on in the hospital. Hands Up for Health provides experience to young pupils that helps "promote health,