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How I Spent Six Hours In Paris

We were supposed to leave St Pancras International at 0752 on the 21st of July. As someone who hates being late, I made sure that I was at the train station as early as 0630. I was not in any rush because based on my previous travel to Paris , an hour is more than enough for check in. It will also leave you an ample time to buy coffee, which I exactly did while waiting for my cousins.  So, I comfortably sat outside a cafe (people watching) when suddenly, the queue built up right in front of me. I realised it was Saturday. I started to panic. It was quarter to seven. I texted one of my cousins to find out where they were. They were still at their friend's house, 30 minutes away from St Pancras. Calculating their travel time on the tube plus finding their way to the departure area, I was convinced we won't make it on time. Then my phone rang. It was my cousin panicking on the other line. He instructed me to go to Gate 5. I had no clue where Gate 5 was, so I ran to the check-

For Keith's 18th Birthday In Heaven

On the 17th of August, Keith would have been 18 and amazing. Unfortunately, he was not here to celebrate with us, nor for me to witness how he would have grown up to be a very fine young man. Whilst I used to cry on days like this, I now remember my wonderful child with a smile in my heart because I truly believe (finally) that he is in a much better place now. It took a life-changing situation for me to realise this. I never stopped questioning God why He took my child too soon, but as years went by, the reasons became more and more apparent to me. Keith was so pure and didn't deserve to witness any of the heartaches that we had to go through. I guess it is safe to say that I am more at peace with his passing now than I ever was because of this. Although I was on  holiday on Keith's birthday, I made sure not to break my birthday routine for him. So I went to a nearby church and lit up a candle. I played his favourite song " Lighters " on my way to the church.

How I Celebrated My 42nd Birthday

A few weeks ago, I turned 42. And whilst I say every year that I'd rather have a quiet birthday, it never happens. There is always the opportunity to try something new and explore, a birthday routine to continue and dreams to pursue. T his year, I was blessed enough to spend my birthday week doing the things that I absolutely love and more. 1. Giving Back - The weekend before my birthday, my very good friend Kristy, Essa and I joined Johnson&Johnson in solidarity to show that "We care with Pride" at the London Pride. It was my first time to join the annual celebration and I am so honoured to have been invited. It was my way of giving back by supporting the LGBT community.   It was such an empowering experience, I should write about it soon really. 2. The Little Things - At past midnight on my birthday, J woke me up after I fell asleep on the couch watching Silicon Valley. He reminded me that it was my birthday, kissed me on the forehead and handed me his gift. H