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15 Things I Miss The MOST About Living In Wellington, New Zealand

I can't believe it's almost a year since we left New Zealand. No wonder why I have been missing Wellington lately like I've never missed it before. Yes, I have been reviewing our photos over and over again for the last two weeks. This actually gave me the reason to reflect on a few things that I really miss about this beautiful little city I once called home. 1. 67 Hawker St, Mount Victoria - This top floor flat has everything that we needed and wanted in a flat- beautifully decorated with a combination of classic and modern furniture and some impressive artworks, two spacious bedrooms, open plan kitchen, shiny wooden floors, clean and good-sized bathroom, happy looking ornamental plants and a balcony with the most amazing view of the Wellington harbour. It was the perfect place for us to officially start our life together.  The house sits on top of a hill, in a quiet neighbourhood next to one of Wellington's most famous landmarks- the St Gerard's Church