15 Things I Miss The MOST About Living In Wellington, New Zealand

I can't believe it's almost a year since we left New Zealand. No wonder why I have been missing Wellington lately like I've never missed it before. Yes, I have been reviewing our photos over and over again for the last two weeks. This actually gave me the reason to reflect on a few things that I really miss about this beautiful little city I once called home.

1. 67 Hawker St, Mount Victoria
- This top floor flat has everything that we needed and wanted in a flat- beautifully decorated with a combination of classic and modern furniture and some impressive artworks, two spacious bedrooms, open plan kitchen, shiny wooden floors, clean and good-sized bathroom, happy looking ornamental plants and a balcony with the most amazing view of the Wellington harbour. It was the perfect place for us to officially start our life together. 

The house sits on top of a hill, in a quiet neighbourhood next to one of Wellington's most famous landmarks- the St Gerard's Church. It's few minutes climb up to the popular Mt Victoria lookout and it's at least 15 minutes walk to the city centre.

I miss everything about the house, including our very nice and obliging landlady. She would pay random visits, and we chatted like we've always known each other. Because of her, I finally learned how to keep plants alive. :)

Ah, I miss waking up to birdsongs and watching Tui birds hanging out in our balcony. Furthermore, I miss chilling out in our living room or in our balcony admiring this magnificent view:

2. Ei
- I met Ei on my first day at Dress For Success- during the time when I thought I've escaped from my old friendly self. Before I left for New Zealand, I promised myself not to get too close to anyone anymore especially Filipinos (yes) after numerous bad experiences with many of them in the past. I was happy and contented with the few Filipino friends I've got left in the UK. However, there was something special in Ei that made me break that promise. As soon as I heard her speak, I knew she wasn't one of them. Then suddenly, I was "Miss Friendship" once again. So, we went for coffee after our volunteer work that day and that's how our coffee dates and most especially our friendship started.

I miss Ei because I enjoyed being with her. She is very easy to hang out with. I learned so many important lessons from her and she probably doesn't know that. She was my food, travel and walking buddy in New Zealand. She was also our official third wheel (hehe). Above all that, she was my Welly best-friend (she probably doesn't know this either). 

I still believe that perhaps, one of the reasons why I didn't get a job in Wellington was so I could spend more time with Ei and get to know her better. She is indeed one of the most wonderful people I've ever met, and she is a treasure I want to keep forever.

3. The Rest Of My Welly Girls (and Darren)
- I met the girls and Darren through Ei. This group really made my stay in Wellington extra special. Their admirable authenticity and contagious positivity are just two of the many things I love about these girls. I was (and still am) blessed to be surrounded by these happy souls.

4. Watching the Wellington sunset from our balcony
- Retrospectively, I should really have taken photos of the fiery Wellington sunset every time I watched it from our balcony. Unfortunately, when I am "in" the moment, I often forget to document it. But seriously, watching the sunset (on a good day) was one of my favourite hobbies in Wellington. 

5. Fumptoid
- Our car Fumptoid was our first car ever, that's why he remains very special to us. He wasn't fancy or anything, but he was perfect for us. Now I really miss our weekend drives in Wellington.

6. Pandoro in Allen Street
- I miss Pandoro because that's where Ei and I usually had our coffee dates. We would meet up every Monday - after my gym class and before she went to work. We only spent an hour each time but it was always a worthy hour. Pandoro, to say the least, sealed our friendship.

7. Weekend Drives
- I definitely miss the freedom of going out of the city every weekend, even just for a few hours. It was easy for us to do so in Wellington because we had Fumptoid. Ah, how I wish it's that easy in London.

8. Wellington on a good day
- Wellington is apparently the windiest city in the world and I can't agree more. Our flat moved with the blustery wind. I couldn't really tell whether it was an earthquake or just the wind. I thought London was cold, but Wellington for me was definitely colder. I was layering up even in the summer.  Apart from that, it seemed like it was always raining when we were there. But when it's a good day? Well, you can never beat Wellington on a good day, as they always say.

9. Coffee
- I became accustomed to coffee culture properly in Wellington. Whilst flat white is the coffee of choice over there, I consistently ordered my trim (aka skinny) latte because I am a creator of habit. I probably only had flat white twice plus the random sips from J's cup. Needless to say, I've had the best coffee experience in Wellington, hence I miss it. 

10. Food trips
- Honestly, I've never eaten so much in my life like I did in Wellington. It was good that I shared the same passion for food with my Welly friends. When we ate, we ate like there was no more tomorrow. There was no fuss whatsover. We were quick to decide where to eat because we are all easy to please. We were not worried about gaining weight or the food being unhealthy. We basically ate anything that we wanted - and that's what I really miss.

11. Yum-Cha at Majestic cuisine
- We currently live right next to Chinatown and I have been to six out of the ten best Chinese restaurants in Soho on Tripadvisor's list (for dimsum), but I still haven't found a restaurant that I could say is on par with Majestic Cuisine. And I'm talking about the quality and quantity of food, the affordability and the service. 

12. Dress For Success
- Dress For Success was my regular "job" in Wellington and I truly loved my experience there. Working for them made me realise that it is possible to be in a working environment where everyone is genuinely nice. 

13. My Gym Class
- Every Monday, I went to a gym class with ladies at least 20 years older than me. I always looked forward to this class because I really loved our pre and post gym chitchats. They were all nice, fit and very inspiring. Pulong, our instructor was equally nice. He always had this welcoming smile on his face whenever he greeted us at the staircase. I attempted to join other classes but I really didn't like being shouted at just to get motivated. At least with Pulong, it was fun and easy. 

14. Brunch
- I've been back in London for almost a year now and I don't think I've ever been to brunch yet. In Wellington, it was one of my favourite things to do on a regular basis, either with J or Ei. 

15. Baking
- Unfortunately, I haven't baked a single cake since we got back because I don't have baking utensils. I decided not to buy anything because we don't have enough cupboard in our kitchen. I can't wait for us to move to a bigger place so I can start baking again.

Wellington will forever hold a special place in my heart. Those ten months were some of the best times of my life. Wellington was my happy place. I felt so at home in the capital. I was at peace with everything. I was my very self. And I miss it so much.



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