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How Can You Let Go Of Your Mother?

It's been three months since I last wrote on this blog. I have no excuse. Or perhaps I do. The last three months have been a blur. I went through an emotional roller coaster in my personal and professional life. But I guess the one thing that really demotivated me was my mother's deterioration, and eventually her passing.  I honestly do not want to use my mother's passing as an excuse for my lack of focus and determination in the last three months, but I have not completely come into terms with her passing. And with this, I mean I have not fully grieved- I think. I have not fully processed my mother's death. Believe me, she crosses my mind frequently, but somehow I always manage not to let this thought linger for long.  Perhaps I remain in denial, or perhaps it's a feeling of guilt.  It was at the beginning of August when I first felt that things were changing. My mother, since she became bedridden three years ago, would call me throughout the day, and night. I woul